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Why HMNKIND? We’ve got lab results to share.

Why HMNKIND? We’ve got lab results to share.

     At HMNKIND, we improve upon the traditional fabric mask with innovative use of a specialized antibacterial material, improving filtration, fit, and comfort, offering a lightweight, anti-bacterial, anti-odor, skin-friendly, easy to wash and dry and recyclable mask.

Better Protection – Nelson Lab & FITI Institute Tested
→ Viral Filtration Efficiency: 84.2%
→ Particle Filtration Efficiency: 85.6%
→ Bacterial Filtration Efficiency: 72.6%
→ Anti-bacterial: 99.9%
→ UV (R,A,B): 99.9% 

No Funky Smell:

Another factor to consider is scent. A funky smelling mask is impossible to ignore! Unfortunately, that unpleasant odor is coming from a build-up of bacteria inside the mask. Moisture from the breathe, sweat from the skin and the fabric of traditional cotton masks create a breeding ground for stinky bacteria. The HMNKIND APM mask is 99.9% antibacterial which addresses the bad smells from traditional masks as well as the issues faced by folks with sensitive skin.

Buttery Soft and Good for the Skin:
The APM is known for its buttery soft fabrication which does not aggravate the skin or strip the skin of natural moisture. Less irritation on the skin means less fidgeting and increased comfort for all-day wear. Combined with the antibacterial properties, the APM helps reduce inflammation and stressful acne breakouts. Like we always say, no more maskne! 

Looks good wear after wear:
Another improvement to traditional masks is the APM maintains its shape, color and fit– wash after wash. Which means- It doesn’t wrinkle or lose its original shape. Who has the time to iron a wrinkly mask?

Enhances Self-Expression:
Its functional simplicity in shape offered in 5 sizes is met with a diverse, colorful assortment of outfit-friendly shades. Essentially, your mask acts as the lower half of your face when in use, so it should align with your overall look. The HMNKIND APM becomes a vehicle of self-expression rather than an inhibitor of it.

The APM's polyurethane base material can be recycled by special polyurethane processing factories that upcycle polyurethane into mattresses or other consumer goods. No waste whatsoever.

Easy to Care:
The APM is extremely easy to handwash and hang dry. You don’t need to wait until the next laundry day to wear a clean mask. Simply rinse with soap and water for 20 seconds and hang dry. This process goes hand in hand with smart, routine and regular handwashing. Wash the mask when you wash your hands. That means the same mask can be worn every single day of the week. For more on mask needs and concerns, learn more on our Mask Guide.