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The Pad Project:
Led by a passionate and dedicated group of women, The Pad Project aims to empower women through innovation, education, and advocacy, moving towards a world where women may achieve economic independence, understand their reproductive and sexual health options, and harness the power to shape their lives.

Founded by Melissa Berton, English teacher, and her highly motivated group of students, The Pad Project started with the idea for the film, Period. End of Sentence. At the United Nation’s 2013 Annual Commission on the Status of Women, they learned about the issue of girls in developing countries missing or dropping out of school with onset of menstruation. After learning about Indian inventor, Arunachalam Muruganantham, who created a pad-making machine to produce cheaper and more easily accessible pads for women, they were so inspired that they decided to shine a spotlight on this issue by funding the placement of a pad machine and making a documentary about its effects with the help of Action India and director, Rayka Zehtabchi.

The film went on to win the 2018 Academy Award for Best Documentary Short and more importantly, began a movement through awareness and advocacy. We feel extremely privileged to align ourselves with The Pad Project, and we hope to contribute to their vision to see a world where all women feel empowered. Read more about our partner organization, The Pad Project, here.

Founded upon the need to do more and say more, OneOpp seeks to amplify the conversation and empower confrontational media engagement. Started by Cashmere, a Digital Marketing agency, OneOpp holds Cashmere’s platform accountable by mobilizing their partners and their social media presence to exact legislative policing equality.

OneOpp’s goal is to engage their contemporaries and allies in the Marketing and Media Industry to contribute financial and media resources to change systematic policies and consequences of police brutality through awareness and mobilizing voters.

We are privileged to partner with an organization like OneOpp, who seeks radical changes in the Marketing and Media industry. As we live in an increasingly digital age and regularly consume media, we hold a responsibility to engage with it actively and utilize it to effect change.

OneOpp’s coalition is one we’re proud to be a part of, and we are excited to work together to amplify the collective voice for change. Read more about our partner organization, OneOpp, here.