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When we first started hmnkind, we knew our first priority would be to empower the individual.  The significance of our product is not in the product itself, but in the power of the individual’s choice to wear it. Our product and our brand exist to celebrate Earth and protect its inhabitants: humankind. 

Our goal is to provide all individuals with the reliability and consistency of high quality personal protection. We want to empower people by instilling confidence and certainty in their protective choice. We believe that all individuals are entitled to a baseline standard for self protection and care, and that standard should be impeccable.  

Built on the core values of exceptional quality and altruism, hmnkind strives to intersect these values in all areas of the company. In holding the brand accountable to our social responsibility and core values, we seek absolute transparency during every stage of the process, whether that’s our production costs or our charitable contributions. 

We are proud to share our exceptional products with you, humankind.