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An essential piece of our business is the act of giving back and empowering people, especially to those who have less and with fewer opportunities. Our product and our brand is about serving humanity and empowering individuals with the ability to choose the best for themselves, as we all deserve a better standard. Our health and wellbeing are fundamental human rights, and they are not up for debate. 

In our pursuit to empower people and champion human rights, we are privileged to lend a voice to marginalized and oppressed groups. We believe it is essential to assume active roles in our communities, to help in long lasting and effective ways, physically, emotionally, and financially. While providing reliable and consistently high quality protection is one of our goals, our first priority is to be a community that supports and empowers humankind to uplift and support one another through advocacy and education. 

At hmnkind, our most important asset is you, not our product. Our product exists to serve you protection, certainty, and functionality. This is why we believe in honoring all of our customers through holding our social responsibility accountable. The crux of this company is its ability to serve and give back, and we are proud to partner with non-profit and grassroots organizations that align with our social rights interests. With the support of our customers, we give back 10% of every sale to causes we support. Through this work, we hope to empower the customer to participate more actively in giving back and to educate themselves about the issues at hand. 

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