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For all 50 US States, we offer USPS First Class for a flat rate of $5Orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. Please note USPS is experiencing higher than expected shipping volumes and you may experience some delays to transit times. 


Unfortunately we do not offer international shipping at this time.

What is THE Route Package Protection?

We offer a package protection service, Route. Opting in for Route’s services will protect package(s) throughout the shipping process in case your package is damaged, lost or stolen during transit. Without Route, the process to get a replacement will be a bit longer as we will have to file the claim with the courier and also file a police report. Route’s shipping protection will cut down resolution time and provide a more convenient customer experience of filing a claim. Below is the difference between choosing Route versus not when needing to file a claim.

→ Click here to start a claim through Route. The claim process is 3 steps that takes less than 5 minutes (what happened, which items were affected, submit the claim).
→ Route will respond back within 24-48 with a resolution. When dealing directly with a carrier (opted out of Route), the response time will range up to 10+ days (longer during peak shipping seasons).
→ A replacement order will be attempted prior to automatically issuing a refund.
→ Please ensure to file a claim within the proper policy timeframe as defined by Route:
*Lost: ~7-20 Days from last tracking number
*Damaged: ~15 Days from Delivery
*Stolen: ~5-15 Days after Delivery

Route isn’t necessary to purchase on our website but it will make getting your replacement package much easier and faster in the event that your package gets damaged/lost/stolen during transit.


Due to us significantly discounting our masks, we are not accepting returns and ALL SALES ARE FINAL at this time.